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Jeff parks

My name is Jeff Parks and I’m the owner and creative chef of Mud Bugs, an elevated Cajun restaurant in Buda, Texas. My journey in the food and beverage industry started really young. By the age of five I already had a strong passion for food and cooking. Over the years I’ve recognized the impact food has on culture: how it brings people together and is the pillar lasting memories are created around. This hunger, both literal and figurative, is why I have dedicated nearly four decades to the restaurant industry. My food career has taught me to respect each ingredient, its preparation, and how each piece comes together to make a memorable meal. But the best part of working in the service industry is the guests. Over the years I’ve had incredible opportunities to get to know my guests, their unique stories, and what is important to them. My goal is serving unique, high-quality foods to family, friends, and guests who quickly become regulars and often friends.

When considering the overall restaurant experience, we can’t forget about the libations. It’s not all about the food, after all. Cocktails can swiftly turn a meal into an experience. Drinks with coworkers becomes storytelling among buddies. Over the years, when serving cocktails to guests or drink-slingin’ with friends, all too often I found myself underwhelmed with the Bloody Mary options. By trying to perfect my bloodies, somehow the more “doctoring” and adding of ingredients, the more zest was lost. Somewhere along the way the garnishes became the focus. Shouldn’t the mix be the centerpiece which compliments the alcohol, and not the other way around? How can such a classic cocktail-the kickoff to brunch-the cure for a hangover- be so damn complicated? Too thin. Not enough flavor. Inconsistent. Unimpressive. It should not have been that difficult. I demanded more. We had to do better.

While opening a new restaurant at the beginning of a global pandemic, I then truly understood the secret to success is more flavor and boldness. By consistently creating boisterous plates full of flavor, I kept my guests coming back for more. With the success of the restaurant, I realized I could take this concept from the plate to the glass. So, I created a Bloody Mary mix with the perfect combination of flavors, texture, and viscosity for all to easily enjoy-no added work, extra ingredients, or hassle. I’m proud to announce creating the ideal balance of taste as the center of attention is now accomplished with my new…

Mudslinger Mary

Mudslinger Mary Bloody Mary mix is the perfect balance of savory, citrus, and spice with an unmatched consistency. No other ingredients needed and definitely no need to call a doctor. It is vodka, tequila, and beer’s new best friend. It is a designated driver’s dream date, because this gal can also stand on her own. With or without alcohol, it is the perfect complement to barbeques, brunch, tailgating, hunting season, and weekends on the water. So, when you find yourself craving a better Bloody Mary experience, muddy up and try slingin’ some MUDSLINGER MARY! Cheers.

Hours of Consumption

Sat & Sun: Before, during and after brunch
Mon – Fri: Pretty much anytime you want a bloody mary