The Mary
The Maria

The “Bitchalotta”

"Coming Soon"


“My grandpa told me ‘All you have is your word, if you go back on that, you got $#!T.'”

My Word

…you have My word that the proof is in the vessel, not the vessel itself.”
After all, a fancier bottle would just jack up the price of our Mary and we’d rather put our time and effort in the Mary, not the bottle. But it is the perfect bottle.

Industry born

years in development, and Mudslinger Perfected. If its worth doing at all, its worth taking your time and doing it right the first time and every single time thereafter.

Gluten Free

yep our tomatoes were raised without feeding them any wheat!

NO Garnish Needed

We really took our time, experimented with different ingredients, and took notice of how other Mary’s were dressed. We decided to strip our gal down, just dust the rim of the glass and added a straw for you to pucker and suck from. No shrimp, slices of pizza, burgers, celery, olives, or bacon … er uh, ok, bacon is acceptable, but other than that, the Drink IS the garnish.

Sunday’s Only?

Mudslinger is meant for any occasion, Sunday Brunches best friend, hangover cures, or any time you feel. Any day or time you want to sling some Mud, you are not wrong.

The Face

Our label was candidly captured in a nano second of time, years ago. Little did anyone know that this picture would be the face of Vodka’s new best friend. So go ahead, grab our Mary, take her home, take her top off and enjoy.

The Mary Mantra

If we truly have just this one existence in life, and we don’t take this one existence to make life better for those around us, then what the hell are we doing!?

In Honor of
-Chester Leroy Parks aka Grandpa

This is what guides Mudslinger Mary and making your lives better, one sip at a time!